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SINCE 1946

Reconditioned Carts

Reconditioned Loboy and Big-Boy Models

Great Value

  • Reconditioned to original factory specs

  • These carts look and perform like new

  • Is this an option to replace or add to your fleet ?


The reconditioned carts are trade ins that are inspected by our factory 

personnel , fitted with new wheels, tires , bearings , bag supports and 

handles and grips . 

All reconditioned carts are sold with a 3 year pro rated warranty 

We will buy back all Kaddy-Lac Carts ON TRADE

Kaddy-Lac Reconditioned Carts

  • Every part is inspected and replaced or repaired as necessary 

  •  The carts are checked for alignment and structural integrity

  • All fasteners are inspected and replaced as required

  •  The pricing is  very attractive for all two wheel model carts. 


  • We have limited quantities of our three wheel Triton and Zoom carts available as reconditioned models . Call us for details