Golf Car Transporter

Manual - Golf Bag Transporter

A stylish and efficient approach to retrieving and handling your members and their guests golf bag

Kaddy Lac - Trailer Model - Golf Bag Trailer

From dusk to dawn, this golf bag transporter affords the operator more attention to navigating around tight back shop paths, parking lots, etc versus operating car while holding onto several golf bags piled on Custom hitch adapts to all golf cars models within your fleet. With this flexibility any car at anytime can tow this transporter

Quality workmanship in every detail has gone in this golf bag transporter from the 2" seat belt that cradles the golf bag to the flat proof tires that eliminates punctures, we strive to make our products benefit your golf operations.

New Improvements for 2011 Model

  • 2" Wide Seat Belt Webbing attached to each individual storage compartment
  • Improved Caster Wheels with front parking brake
  • All wheels pivot for nimble maneuvering
  • The Transporter can be shipped packed flat on a skid
  • Easy to assemble

Great for Staff

  • Retrieving and arranging golf bags at beginning of day
  • Use for bag drop Valet for member/guest days - retrieving golf bags from golf cars returning - popular application
  • Great for shot gun starts when you need to receive many bags in a short period of time