Cart Storage Stations

Cart storage stations are easy to install with all hardware supplied. Each 7’ – 10’ section (pending cart model) can be free standing in length or side by side. Custom options: Gate openings on each end – Custom designs to secure different cart models, Colour choice – advertisement signage

Triton, Zoom & Big-Boy Cart Storage Station: supplied in 10’ lengths - secures 8-12 carts per section Pending model Triton 8, Zoom 9 with handles attached 12 removed, Big-Boy 12

Supreme and Loboy Cart Storage Station: supplied in 7’ lengths secure 12 carts per section with handles removed 10 with handles attached.

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Features of Cart Storage Station

  • Durable powder coated steel for outdoor storage year round if necessary (not recommended)
  • Heavy gauge steel tubing and angle iron create a fortress to protect and secure your cart investment
  • Each section gate is supplied with a lock and 2 keys
  • Dimension width of storage station promotes order by nesting of carts for members and staff to retrieve and replace without instruction