About Us

The Wyllie-Webb Co. is a North American manufacturer and distributer of Kaddy-Lac pull carts and accessories. We are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The was business was started in 1946 by Hugh G. Watson. Since that time the business has grown to become a major supplier of golf carts throughout North America and around the world.


We are committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality. Attention to detail, backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry guarantees your purchase of a Kaddy-Lac product is a sound investment. Furthermore, we have dedicated ourselves to providing un-parralled standards in after sales customer service so that your Kaddy-Lac golf cart will continue to provide years of use. Quality products with prompt, courteous service

Robert Watson

President (1991-Present)

In 1991, Robert bought the business from his Father at the age of 25. By then he and his brothers John & Hugh had worked part time and full time off and for over a decade. Robert gained lots of advice and experience from his Father, younger brother Hugh Jr, mentors and friends which made an invaluable difference to the early success of his running the business. Today, 28 years later, Robert continues to steer the company to the best of his abilities with the moral support from his parents, younger brother Hugh and with the new skill sets from Children Jack and Emily in the company and from Charlie and Beth outside the company.

Jack Watson

Assistant Production Manager

After graduating from Fleming college last fall, Jack has been busy learning the production side of the business, working closely with the Plant Manager, Jack has taken on a much larger role and is now helping with sales and distribution of all Kaddy-Lac and Watson Wheel products.

Emily Watson

Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Emily has worked in various production roles in the factory prior to and after graduating from both Wilfrid Laurier and McMaster University. The past few years she has helped to advance the company's reach further into the U.S. & U.K market. Her major contribution to the company stems from her marketing skills, website creation, social media, customer relations both in the factory and at trade shows.

Hugh Watson

President (1969-1991)

Left his Managerial position at Gulf Oil to help his Father run the business. At the passing of his Father, Hugh operated the business from 1969 to 1991. Hugh learned to play golf at an early age, a junior member at Royal York Golf Club (St.Georges Golf & Country Club) He made the senior U of T varsity golf team while enrolled in the Engineering program. Hugh's ability to walk into this small business, roll up his sleeves caught the eyes of the many employees who worked for his father by surprise.

Hugh G. Watson

Founder & President (1946-1969)

Hugh G. Watson - an engineer from Kilmarnock, Scotland who had a knack for innovation and a passion for golf. What resulted from his efforts was the development of the first one-motion folding golf pull-cart.